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Welcome to Everbloom

Where we Strive to Promote "A Green State of Mind"



Our Plants

The alluring aspect of minimalism is depicted in our handcrafted pots, each featuring a succulent. Every step of the production process is handled with the utmost care, and materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. These simple mood boosters to your home will surely brighten up your surroundings.


Why Plants?

Studies have shown that plants help to increase concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent, reduce stress levels, and boost mood. Whether it be at your desk, beside your bed, or outside, these plants are sure to brighten up your day and encourage a more positive, green mindset as you go about your day.


Hexagonal Shaped Planters

1 for $10

2 for $15

3 for $20

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Planting "A Green State of Mind"

Founded in 2019, Everbloom is a youth driven startup company sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada. Here at Everbloom, we are driven to plant positivity while promoting mental health and environmental awareness through providing an engaging way for individuals to interact with nature.

Our plant pots are hand crafted with care, and dedication to our work is reflected through the quality in our products. Join us as we help create a world where the stigma around mental illness is reduced, protecting the environment is valued, and everyone has a more positive outlook on life.

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Partnership: Sunnybrook Foundation

Family Navigation Project

From the sales of our potted succulents, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Sunnybrook Hospital’s Family Navigation Project. The Family Navigation Project is a non-profit program that specializes in navigating youth aged 13 - 26 and their families to health and addictions services in the Greater Toronto Area. Sunnybrook pledges to support families and youth overcome addictions and transition them back to a normal lifestyle. By offering credible assessment and treatment resources, this program ensures that patients are supported every step of the way so that "No family feels lost in the mental health and addiction system".

We are donating to the Sunnybrook Family Navigation Project because we recognize the difficulty of the complex addiction and mental health care system, and are committed towards aiding those in need. Shockingly, many victims of mental illnesses and addiction are among youth such as us, showing an ever increasing need to support them as a community.

Consider donating to the program by clicking here!

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